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How to Change Wi-fi MAC Address On Android

andriod news MAC address stands for Media Access Control Address. The MAC address is a unique identification number that is used to distinguish each device on your network computers. MAC address of the manufacturer in pairs with each network interface card (such as Ethernet card and the card is Wi-Fi) can not be replaced.

While millions of network devices and each device is given its own MAC address, there should be a variety of directions. To this end, the MAC address prepared in six two-digit hexadecimal. Example of MAC address (physical address), as shown below, this address will be automatically recognized by the network

I found a way to change the MAC address of the device is necessary android.You have access rights to the root explorers. Thus, your device must be rooted phone.

This is the step how to instructions: check before your MAC address, open the Wireless Network and WiFi Option-Option-Advance setting.View your MAC address to identify with.

1. If your wi-fi wifi switch on your device

2. Open Explorer and go to the root of the application in the directory / data

3. Locate and select the file via the contact length. Nvmac.info files and change of state R / W

Use the fourth option "Open with text editor"

5. Change the MAC address of what you want (I suggest to insert the letters as large print).

6. Select the menu button and select "Save & Exit", and re-check the MAC address

7. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the preferred network. The device is connected to the wifi with the new MAC address.


This change is not permanent, when you restart your phone MAC address back to the original MAC address. Only tests on CyanogenMod but working on other custom ROM based on the CM. Not tested on stock ROM and other custom ROMs (if this method works in the stock ROM, then let me know, I want to know more.). Use at your own risk.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy Series

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Great post . thanks for providing such important information about MAC Address.
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